Born with Legos in his hands and raised by science fiction, Ian Tartasky spent his youth plotting ridiculous inventions and imagining alternate universes within parallel timelines. Driven by his creative pursuits he earned an Associates and a Bachelors degree in illustration with a strong inclination towards stencils, graphic design, systems, and organization. After his formal education Ian kept his lust for learning aflame by doing freelance design work, exhibiting paintings, and dabbling in street art and graffiti. He now spends his workday plugged in, coding, and drinking tea and his nights painting and pondering. Armed with his obsession for the paranormal, fascination with the macabre, and his knowledge of subcultures, he is able to combine his diverse skills, multiple artistic personalities, and slightly insane interests into a mutatious artistic style that is often challenging but still original and refreshing.

Commissions welcome!